Operation PLUM - Book Photos
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Third Bomb Group senior officers with visiting generals, Charters Towers, late July 1942.
L to R: Capt. Sam Rubenstein, adjutant; Capt. James McAfee; Maj. Ron Hubbard; Capt. Tom Gerrity, commander, 90th Squadron;
Capt. Donn Young; Maj. Floyd Rogers, commander, 8th Squadron; unidentified (with briefcase); Capt. Robert Strickland, executive officer;
Brig. Gen Kenneth Walker; Lt. Col. "Big Jim" Davies, commander, 3rd Bomb Group; Maj. Gen. Ralph Royce, commander,
North-Eastern Area, Allied Air Forces (headquarters at Townsville); unidentified; Capt. Donald Hall, commander, 89th Squadron.
Walker would soon replace Royce as North-Eastern Area commander and would be killed during a raid on Rabaul in January 1943.
Courtesy Ronald Hubbard