Operation PLUM - Book Photos
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Officers of the 16th Squadron aboard the President Coolidge, November 1, 1941

Top row, L to R: 2nd Lt. Leroy W. Cowart, Jr., 2nd Lt. Phil R. Downey, 1st Lt. David A. Hochman, 1st Lt. Ralph L.L.
Schmidt, 2nd Lt. Charles M. Cannon, Jr., 1st Lt. Julius B. Summers, Flying Cadet John A. Ryan, 1st Lt. Robert F. McClure.

Middle row, L to R: 2nd Lt. Robert G. Ruegg, 1st Lt. James B. McAfee, 1st Lt. Glenwood Stephenson,
Capt. William G. Hipps, 2nd Lt. Harry R. Roth, 1st Lt. Frank P. “Pete” Bender, 2nd Lt. Columbus “Doc” Savage.

Bottom row, L to R: 1st Lt. Paul E. Mitchler, 2nd Lt. Oliver C. Doan, 2nd Lt. Samuel H. Dillard, III,
2nd Lt. Richard B. Donnewald, 2nd Lt. Henry J. Rose, 2nd Lt. Alexander R. Salvatore.
The only officer missing from this photograph is 2nd Lt. Robert F. Stafford.
Courtesy Jay B. Harrelson